Cidan F-Series: A Top Aluminum Folding Machine

If you’re a business that requires the precision folding of thin metals, such as a roofing company or sign fabricator, you’ll appreciate the new F-Series from Cidan. Known as the Power Folder, this CNC aluminum folding machine offers a variety of important features and benefits.

What Makes a Great Aluminum Folding Machine?

The Cidan F-Series includes the following features which make it the perfect machine for anyone who needs to fold thin materials with maximum precision. Read on to learn more, and contact us today with questions.

  • Sturdy Construction

With all-welded construction, the F-Series is meant to run day in and day out under even the most demanding conditions. It has been over-engineered to deliver almost continuous operation for even the busiest shops. This means less downtime, and maximum productivity for your business.

  • Easy to Program

Thanks to an oversized 18.5” color touchscreen, and their popular Prolink W software, the Cidan F-Series is easy to program and easy to use. Simply tap the screen, review the graphical interface, and get to work quickly and precisely. This means faster machine setup, less errors, and greater production efficiency.

  • Runs Fast

Even with two folding beam rails, a large backgauge, two rows of folding fingers, and multiple gauge stops, the F-Series runs fast. Smart control of these features during the production process makes it easy and fast to rotate the part on the machine for even the most complex bends. And with greater speed comes doing more work in less time, maximizing profitability for your business.

  • Solid Lower Beam

A solid lower beam is the best way to ensure the highest quality folds. If you have had problems with dimples when hemming aluminum, zinc or copper, the F-Series solves them by producing clean, perfect hems every single time. These higher quality results mean less rework, less wasted material, and less stress meeting production deadlines.

  • Large Table

When folding large sheets of flat materials, other CNC folding systems don’t compare. Known for their large, flat tables, Cidan systems make it easy for the operator to handle the most unwieldy workpieces quickly and safely. With an oversize flat table, the F-Series makes it easy to process large flat sheets in a variety of materials wish a single operator. This helps improve labor costs, reduces man-hours necessary to process parts, and helps your business maintain maximum efficiency.

Ready to Learn More?

If your business processes large flat sheets of aluminum or steel, contact us today to learn more about CNC folding systems from Cidan. We look forward to sharing information, learning about your needs, and recommending the perfect solution!