Three Simple Tech Solutions That Can Save Your Shop Money

We’re always excited about new products that increase efficiency and improve manufacturing processes. Better technology can be a game changer for a fabrication company by eliminating scrap materials and increasing efficiency to save you time and money.

Read on to learn about three simple solutions that can give your operation an advantage when it comes to cutting, design and fabrication. If you’d like to see how this kind of software and equipment could impact your business, contact us today to learn more.

  1. Metamation CAD/CAM Software
    Metamation is the industry leader in CAD/CAM software for sheet metal designers. With 2D and 3D CAD features, you can quickly and easily draw your own parts or import various 2D or 3D file types directly with MetaCAD. Advanced animation features allow you to preview your models or assemblies, ensuring flawless design of all parts and products.

    In addition, Metamation’s CAD/CAM nesting software includes a feature-packed nesting engine that has algorithms for all of your punching or cutting machines, designed to help you get the most out of your raw materials based on your available demand. Not only can this program save you time, it can save your business money by eliminating waste.

  2. EHRT Nesting Software
    PunchPro nesting software works hand-in-hand with EHRT CNC punching machines to give fabricators a competitive edge. With custom animations and a Microsoft Windows based system, operators can visualize parts before they go into production, make necessary adjustments with ease, and nest parts to maximize raw materials.

    Perfect for shops that work with steel and aluminum bar stock along with copper bus bar, PunchPro software is simple to implement. Another unique benefit PunchPro nesting software has to offer is that it allows multiple machine operators and office personnel to access to the same database, ensuring processes run smoothly and changes are communicated easily before work is performed.

  3. Automec Retrofit CNC Backgauges
    Automec’s powerful systems allow you to add an automated backgauge to almost any existing press brake, simplifying operation and eliminating the chance of human error. Best of all, once implemented, these systems use digital photos and 2D graphics to make forming easier and more efficient.

    Their PC800 control system offers 2D graphical representation of the part forming sequence and allows you to use JPEG photos of your tooling and work piece to give the operator a better visual of each bend. It’s as simple as uploading photos from your camera to your computer! With a Microsoft Windows based operating system, the PC800 Control System is simple to use and easy to learn – saving you time and money when it comes to training and operation.

Technology can have a big impact on your metal fabrication business, so please contact us today if you’d like to learn more. Our team is always on call to answer questions and provide pricing on new technology that can help your business become more successful!