Press Brake Machines

If you’re looking to extend your shop’s sheet metal bending capabilities, you’ll find that we carry only the best in CNC press brake technology. As an experienced press brake machines distributor, you get the reliability, durability, and accuracy you need for true bends that ensure every project meets your customers’ requirements.

Our selection of new and used press brake machines includes:

  • trumpf press brake machineTRUMPF Press Brakes – TRUMPF press brakes provide exceptional precision in sheet metal bending, whether you choose their die bending or panel bending machines. They have high-tech tooling with quick change capabilities, along with automated CNC back gauges, and other features that offer versatility and increase output, accuracy and consistency. Learn more about Trumpf press brakes for sale here.
  • standard industrial press brake machineStandard Industrial Press Brakes – When you have handle heavy-duty bending jobs, Standard Industrial press brakes are up for the challenge. Known for their durability, high quality, and precision, these machines are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can handle full-length bends where full tonnage across the bed is a must and off-center loading when any amount of tonnage is needed across the bed. They’re also great for short piece work because of super-fast ram speeds that get the job done quickly and easily. Learn more about Standard Industrial press brakes for sale here.
  • cidan machinery folding machineCIDAN Machinery Folding Machines – CIDAN Machinery manufactures folding machines with unique qualities that make them stand out from traditional press brakes. They’re equipped with an automated back gauge system and a large table that holds the weight of an entire sheet of metal, making it manageable for a single operator to handle the job. CIDAN machines work especially well for folding large pieces of thin sheet metal into complicated shapes. Learn more about CIDAN here.
  • Used Press Brake Machines – We also have an ever-changing stock of used press brakes for sale. Our used press brakes are a budget-friendly alternative to buying brand new. You not only get a great price, but you also get great quality. Most our used press brakes have been serviced and refurbished to ensure they offer exceptional performance, and all of them provide a great value compared to a brand new machine. View our pre-owned press brakes for sale here.

Press Brake Service & Repair
At Southern States Machinery, we also have an in-house maintenance team to handle all your service needs and repairs. With the skills and experience to keep your press brakes and other equipment performing like they’re new, you won’t have to worry about downtime and lost productivity. Learn more about press brake service and repair here.

Press Brake Productivity

Productivity is critical in the fabrication industry and when it comes to the sheet metal bending process, time—and precision—are money!

At Southern States Machinery, we sell press brakes and accessories that represent the gold standard in bending and folding. We focus on offering what will provide the highest level of accuracy and efficiency—and what will give you the opportunity to serve clients with an array of needs.

Our inventory contains machinery and technology that can boost your productivity when you have a job requiring a press brake.

  • TRUMPF Press Brakes
    With operator-friendly programmable features, TRUMPF press brakes get the job done quickly and accurately. They have intelligent software and automated features, including automated back gauges, to increase speed and output and precise settings to ensure accurate parts every time. Learn more about the TRUMPF press brakes we have for sale here.
  • Automec Back Gauge Systems
    A leading manufacturer of CNC gauging systems, Automec makes programmable back gauge systems that retrofit into press brakes to accomplish jobs quickly and accurately. Automec systems allow for automatic adjustment of the back stop; and, in many press brakes, they also enable the ram to be programmed. Learn more about Automec back guage systems for sale here.
  • Wila Press Brake Tooling
    Wila makes tooling for press brakes that easily snaps into stations and make it quick to go from one project to the next. Offered in New Standard and American Style in several standard lengths, Wila’s modular tools make it possible to achieve nearly any bending length. With Wila press brake tooling you get flexibility, durability, speed, accuracy, and safety. Learn more about the Wila press brake tooling for sale here.

Ready To Boost Productivity On Every Project?
At Mid Atlantic Machinery, we have all the new equipment and technology your shop needs to get your customers’ jobs done as efficiently as possible. But that’s not all! We also have used press brakes for sale to help you stay within your budget. Check out our list of used press brakes here.

We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair to keep your press brakes, metal cutting, and metal fabrication equipment in like-new condition. Learn more about our CNC press brake service department here, and contact us today to learn new ways to increase productivity in your shop!

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