As we continue to advance in this technological era, we see the need – more and more every day – for Automation and for Robotics Equipment and Solutions. Though Southern States Machinery is regional for many brands we represent, we have the capability to integrate automation solutions nationwide. Southern States Machinery helps define the many benefits and reasons of having robotics equipment, such as:

  • Increases the throughput on machines
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Fills skilled labor gap
  • Removes workers from unsafe work environments
  • Improves product quality

These collaborative robots provide cost-effective, flexible, and safe robotics solutions for a wide range of production tasks. Contact us today to learn more about Automation and how we can best suit your applications.


Mid Atlantic Machinery Automation develops and distributes high-quality, high-performing robotic operator packages and robotic automation solutions that can easily and affordably integrate nearly all manufacturing processes, expand production and grow the bottom line in any operation – from small job shops to large-scale OEMs.



Robotics equipment is multifaceted, in that it has many parts. There are a variety of robotics automation equipment options and types ranging from Fixed or Hard Automation solutions, to Soft or Collaborative Automation Solutions.



At Southern States Machinery, we offer both solutions in a variety of machine tools to meet our customers’ diverse needs. From Miller Robotics fully dedicated automated welding cells to Prodevco and Kinetic’s automated torch and plasma cutting, to Universal Robots’ flexible collaborative robotic solution, we have the solution for you.

In addition to these machines, Mid Atlantic Machinery Automations’ universal robot press brake operator package combines the flexible and modular abilities of collaborative robotics to several fixed machine tools commonly found in fabrication shops worldwide.


Automation is currently used in manufacturing in several ways; Machine Tending, Material loading and unloading, Quality Inspection, Material Handling, Deburring, Finishing, Vision, Forming, Bending, Cutting, Inspection.

However, the common misconception is that the systems are high dollar and only shops who produce high volume can see a true ROI. Mid Atlantic Machinery Automations’ team of automation experts have the knowledge and know-how to provide automation solutions and capabilities to smaller job shops as well as larger OEMs.



Learn more about Universal Robots and our TRUMPF press brake operator package in our Thirsty For Knowledge Podcast episode.



We provide application engineering service to automate our customers’ processes by combining years of industry knowledge and staying up to date on the latest technological advancements.

We have a team of automation experts dedicated specifically to robotics and Universal Robots.

TRUMPF TruBend 7036 Robot Machine

The team offers machine tool integration packages for a variety of machine tool technologies. Our latest automation solution is our Universal Robot Press Brake Operator Package which integrates the industry-recognized UR collaborative robot into virtually any press brake.

In addition, we provide fixed automated solutions to increase production and throughput for specific tasks such as plasma cutting and welding.


Larger fixed robotic applications currently include Plasma Cutting and Welding, large material handling, Mid Atlantic Machinery’s Automation solutions include:

  • Finishing
  • Forming
  • Bending
  • Part Loading and Unloading
  • Machine Tending
  • Inspection
  • Vision

Our automation solutions include the above, as well as other custom applications found in a fabrication shop.


By combining our team of robotic specialists, expert application engineers and the ability to integrate automation solutions nationwide, we have years of experience in the machine tool industry, and we are uniquely positioned in the market to help a variety of fabricators in the sheet metal and structural markets.

TRUMPF TruBend Automated Machine

Southern States Machinery’s strategic advantage comes from our collective experiences and ability to understand the areas in machine tool operation that can benefit from automation. We are not just a machine tool distribution company or robotics distribution company; we are an automated machine tool solutions company.

Our custom automation machinery and robotic solutions integrate the best of technology with the sound strategy to collaborate with your current fabrication processes. Our application engineers and robotic solution team continue to conceptualize and design turnkey automation solutions integrating both robotic and machine tools. To learn more about Southern States Machinery being a Robotic Automation Equipment Distributor, get in touch with us today! 

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