FlexCNC for Fabricators

With FlexCNC, the possibilities are endless. From large and customizable bed sizes to multiple processes like drilling,milling and more in a single machine, this equipment can drastically increase your productivity. FlexCNC also offers easy programming, and competitive pricing when compared with other lines, so these machines are always a great value. The advanced features will help your business minimize machine downtime and keep your operation running at maximum efficiency.  

Interested in learning more? Check out the videos below to see why FlexCNC is the ultimate CNC machining center for fabricators. 

Stop Settling For Limited Machine Bed Size

More than just a brand name, FlexCNC is about Flexibility

Whether it’s flexibility in bed size or flexibility with pendulum mode operation, you’ll be able to realize why size matters with an investment in FlexCNC machine tool technology.

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Long Machine Bed + FlexCNC Pendulum Mode

Advantages of Long Bed Machining center from FlexCNC

Does your machining center offer 100% uptime for your operators? With advanced machine features such as light curtains and laser scanner FlexCNC gives operators the ability to load and unload without stopping the spindle.  You’ll be able to realize what so many others have when you invest in FlexCNC machines.

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High-speed End Milling – Dynamic Machining

FlexCNC Dynamic Machining is helping fabricators up and down the east coast significantly reduce machining time, saving them money and maximize business productivity.

This video shows how a cut at a depth of .75″, at 90 IPM and 4000 RPM use to take a shop 10 minutes and 30 seconds.  After taking advantage of FlexCNC’s detailed time study they were able to reduce their job to just 1 minute and 50 seconds of machining time.

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