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C.R Onsrud has for years helped manufacturers in a variety of industries solve challenging engineering problems. They provide a comprehensive line of high-precision machining products including almost 50 standard models of 3-Axis, 4-Axis, and 5-Axis machines.


M-Series 3-Axis CNC Router | The M Series CNC machines boasts rigid frame construction, highly responsive drive mechanisms, and many more of the top-end features you’d expect to find on our bigger models.


T-Series CNC Machining Center | The T-Series or Tech Series by C.R. Onsrud, is a moving gantry design CNC, delivering outstanding performance and production output for shops needing more power than the entry level CNC platform offers.


S-Series 5-axis CNC Machining Center | S Series CNC machine, Designed for manufacturers or prototypers, features a welded steel frame, single table functionality and a rigidly fixed bridge configuration for unrivaled weight, mass, rigidity, durability, feeds and speeds.


X-Series Aluminum Extrusion CNC Machining Center | CNC machining center for heavy and complex linear profile extrusions in aluminum, plastic and other advanced materials. The X Series delivers five sided machining capability, a large capacity sawblade, and a fully programmable, servo adjustable clamping system.

No matter what machine is needed for your particular application or budget, C.R. Onsrud’s has the machine for you.

Material Versatility

Combining years of refined engineering and a strong commitment to quality machines, C.R. Onsrud has become one of the leaders and preferred partners to many manufacturers. Their machines have served manufacturers of;

  • Molds and patterns
  • Aluminum honeycomb
  • Aerospace parts
  • Large aluminum extrusions
  • Sheet aluminum
  • ACM
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous parts
  • And Many others

When the most demanding cycles and most challenging production circumstances arise, C.R. Onsrud Machining centers are the perfect choice. With the ability to process Plastics, Aluminum, Steel, Composite, Alloys, Carbon Fiber, and many other materials, their machines give manufacturers versatility and heavy-duty power.

C.R. Onsrud Machine Applications

From a ship-builder, that requires a 68 foot by 10 foot table for 3-axis machining of aluminum extrusions, two at a time, with a double moving gantry, to a 5-axis dual process machine, for mold-drilling and machining applications requiring high levels of precision, or just an affordable 3-axis 4 foot x 8 foot aluminum sign making machine with a 12HP spindle requirement – C.R. Onsrud can provide the CNC machining center solution that best suits your application!

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