Four Impressive Machines To See At Fabtech 2018

Many Fabtech attendees don’t get a chance to see everything the show has to offer. That’s why it pays to plan ahead and map out the booths you’ll want to check out.

Recently, we posted an article about five cool brands to see at the show, but if you’ll be in attendance in Atlanta, here are four more booths you don’t want to miss. Check out the time and money saving innovations your business could benefit from and explore the latest fabrication equipment each of these brands will be displaying at the show.

EHRT’s new automated material handling Gantry System integrates directly with their innovative CNC bus bar punching and bending machines, and helps save time and increase output. EHRT machines provide legendary accuracy and are a necessary tool for any business that processes copper, steel or aluminum bar stock.

FlexCNC & FlexArm
The FlexCNC team will be displaying two booths at this year’s show. The FlexArm booth will demo their hydraulic tapping arm system. This innovative, inexpensive tool makes quick work of drilling and tapping while reducing operator fatigue and increasing speed and accuracy. The other FlexCNC booth will showcase their TRD 25-02, the first open bed drilling and milling machine built for fabricators. See the largest, most flexible and affordable CNC mill on the market in-action! 

See the newly improved Hornet HD! Hornet plasma cutting systems are known as the workhorses of the industry, and with the addition of Hypertherm’s XPR300, this machine now features increased strength, improved accuracy, bevel cutting capabilities and more. Hornet’s systems will help your business create perfect parts from all types of plate with simple CNC plasma cutting!

Midwest Automation
It’s no secret that Midwest Automation is known for their advanced deburring and finishing machines like their Sidewinder multi-directional deburring & edge rounding machine. New this year, they’ll be debuting their latest machine – the Mighty 9! The Mighty 9 offers surface deburring, edge deburring, edge rounding and finishing. It’s a machine as versatile as they come featuring a 9” wide dry machine including a belt head and top brush assembly. The Mighty 9 will help you create better parts, faster, while reducing the time it takes for secondary finishing processes. If you’re a fabricator looking to increase output and maximize production you don’t want to miss this display.

Want To Learn More?
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