Burr Is A Four Letter Word

Oxide. Slag. Dross. Burr. We know these are all four-letter words in the fabrication industry, and while you may think that they’ll always be-we’re here to prove otherwise. Join us for our upcoming showroom event where you’ll see the most advanced machine tools in action, including FINISHLINE the all-in-one 4-head finishing and deburring machine.

With experts on hand, you’ll get a chance to ask your specific questions and turn your dreaded secondary processes into true value-added services. If you agree that Burr Is A Four Letter Word and want to learn how our team can help RSVP Today. We’ll have a number of machines live under power to help your business grow. 

  • Wednesday, March 3rd
    8:00 am – 5:00 pm | By Appointment Only
  • Thursday, March 4th
    8:00 am – 5:00 pm | By Appointment Only
  • Friday, March 5th
    8:00 am – 12:00 pm | By Appointment Only

Featured Brands & Machines
We’ll have some of the most advanced manufacturers of machine tools in our showroom ready to showcase their advanced technology.  If you’ve been in the market for a new machine for your business, or if you are interested in discussing how to improve your production this event is for you.

  • FinishLine 4-Head Deburring Machine
  • Flow Mach500 Waterjet
  • HE&M Saw Vertical Saw
  • Bend-Tech Dragon Tube/Pipe Plasma Machine
  • Geka BendiCrop Ironworker
  • InspecVision Inspection Machine
  • Miller Welding Robot System
  • Big Steel Rack Storage System

Featured Machine: FINISHLINE
If you’re struggling with timely secondary processing and poor part quality this event is for you.  You’ll get the chance to see firsthand how FINISHLINE the all-in-one machine will help you expand your business like it already has for a number of leading American Fabricators.  Miller Metal Fabrication is one example of a company that is seeing the payoff from its initial investment in a FINISHLINE.  During the first few months of the pandemic, Miller Metal shifted its production to help produce ventilators.  When time meant more than saving money but saving lives, they counted on FINISHLINE to help meet the demand.

“We had three days to order 200 sheets of stainless steel and have the parts cut, deburred, and bent,” Miller III said. “Even with 20 people sanding it, you’re not going to get the job done in two days. You’re probably going to need a week. We were glad to see the FINISHLINE in action. It was kind of the pushing-off point for that machine and enabled us to meet our obligations to deliver the ventilator parts in the three-day time frame.”

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