Video: Watch The Power & Flexibility of The FlexCNC In Action!

Fabricators can maximize profitability using FlexCNC manufactured long-bed machining centers. FlexCNC offers a variety of benefits beginning with a small investment as opposed to other, more costly CNC drilling centers on the market. Their unlimited bed length and their ability to handle multiple set-ups at once without stopping make these systems a valued piece of equipment.

Watch the video below to see the FlexCNC “GRD series” machine as it displays its diverse capabilities, and contact us today to request pricing and additional information.

Flexible and cost-efficient definitely lend to the appeal of the Flex CNC system. These machines can do just about anything, from milling, drilling, and tapping, to beveling, chamfering, helical milling, and boring. And, that’s not all – the FlexCNC is operator-friendly due to it’s new, simplified controller allowing for safe and effective use. Plus, unlimited bed lengths can accommodate multiple set-ups at once, no matter what you’re drilling, maximizing spindle uptime and helping your business maximize profitability.

Contact us today to ask a question or request pricing. We look forward to guiding you towards the best FlexCNC machine for your unique application!