Meet the “FlexBeam” from Flex Machine Tools

There’s a new kid on the block at Flex Machine Tools! Known for its 2 product lines, FlexArm tapping arms and FlexCNC vertical machining centers, their latest product offering is the FlexBEAM. The FlexBeam profile drilling center is a beam line developed for fast, accurate & economic production of structural steel profiles, and is equipped with the latest generation industrial PC-control, servodrivers & servomotors produced by OMRON.

But what does this all really mean? Here’s the bottom line: the FlexBeam will enable your shop to mill and drill 40′ and 50′ beams without any hassle thanks to its capabilities and design, not to mention its price. 

Is the FlexBeam Right for My Shop?

Beam lines are important tools in medium to large-sized structural fabrication shops and accurately drill holes in a variety of steel profiles at different lengths with CNC controlled programming. 

  • Do you drill or mill holes in a variety of steel profiles such as I-beams?
  • Are you looking for a faster and cheaper way to do it?
  • Do you currently have to layout hole positions and then produce the holes with a mag drill, punch, or plasma?
  • Are you interested in a machine that can drill, mill, and scribe/engrave?
  • Do you have to turn away jobs because you cannot process the larger and heavier profiles?
  • Are you struggling to land steel fabricating jobs in your market?

What does the FlexBeam have to Offer?

  • Operator-friendly graphical programming controls using Drill Cam Software
  • Free programming in ISO-language (G-codes)
  • X-axis 10″ movable while product is clamped for milling
  • 2-axis interpolation on X/Y-axis, 3 axis interpolation for helical milling (X/Y/Z-axis)
  • Positioning-speed X-axis 1000 in/min., Y-axis 200 in/min.
  • Automatic tool changer with 6 positions  
  • More space efficient than conventional beam drill lines that use conveyors to feed the material through a stationary machine

FlexBeam Intro Video – Flex Machine Tools Showroom

The team of experts at Flex Machine Tools took some time to answer important questions and give a thorough walk through in their intro overview video.   Take a look and learn how FlexBeam is about to change the beam drill line game. 

Thanks to our dedicated Sales, Service, and Application Engineering teams we our able to offer you a world class buying experience not only during the sales process; but before, after, and throughout the entire life of your machine purchase.  Let’s start a conversation about your future plans today.

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