Plate Rolling Equipment

LEMAS has been manufacturing plate rolls for over 50 years, and has all but perfected plate rolling technology. Their 3-roll single pinch and 4-roll double pinch machines can be found in job shops and manufacturing plants across the USA and around the world.

LEMAS rolls include a number of unique features:

  • Direct-drive design uses no belts or chains
  • Spherical roller bearings on all rolls
  • Quick and easy pinch roll adjustment
  • Hydraulically powered bending rolls with no manual adjustment needed
  • Power tilting bending rolls for cone rolling
  • Hydraulically operated drop-end for quick removal of finished workpiece
  • Forward and reverse rotation
  • Sumitomo Cyclo6000 gear-less speed reducers
  • And more

Contact us today to learn more about LEMAS plate rolls and request a quote. We look forward to helping you specify the best LEMAS machine for your shop.

VIDEO: LEMAS 3-Roll Plate Bending Roll

VIDEO: LEMAS 4-Roll Bending Process

VIDEO: LEMAS 2-Roll Auto Rolls

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