Deburring, Graning, Surface Polishing, Edge Rounding, Oxide Removal and Slag Removal

Southern States Machinery is honored to bring you an all-in-one finishing and deburring machine solution through FINISHLINE. Flexibility, precision, and productivity were the key focus behind the design of this metal finishing machine for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel parts.

Read on to learn more, watch an overview video on the innovative, all-in-one metal finishing machine, and contact us today if you’d like to request a quote or send us parts for us to sample run for you.

Versatile Application

  • How does the FinishLine, all-in-one finishing and deburring machine create opportunities for versatile applications? With 2, 3 or 4 head options, this machine performs many functions for laser cut, waterjet cut, or plasma cut parts. Deburrring and graining with variable speed control; edge rounding; oxide removal, and slag removal with a quick-change brush system and full surface contact. In addition, for refined results, the surface polishing option exists with variable speed control and brush diameters in 8” and 12” options. 

Automatic Part Measurement

  • How does a finishing and deburring machine allow for automatic part measurement? When finishing parts in varying sizes and quantities of flat materials, other deburring and finishing machines don’t compare. Thanks to the automatic thickness adjustment, set up is easy and accurate when adjusting all machine heads. With varying working widths from 25.5” – 63” wide belt, FINISHLINE machines can process large sheets or many small parts across the bed width. These high-quality features mean less rework and less stress meeting production deadlines. 

Proven Quality Systems 

  • What are some quality systems provided by FinishLine’s finishing and deburring machines? FINISHLINE is meant to run day in and day out to meet your demands and is able to do that by the support of reputable brand name components. This finishing machine has been engineered to deliver continuous operation for even the busiest shops. This means less downtime with parts you can replace locally, and maximum productivity for your business with Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rollon Sliding System, and Boeck. 

FINISHLINE Deburring Machine | Video Overview

With one compact design and one economic investment, metal fabricators can achieve superior quality in finishing, deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, slag removal, graining, and polishing through FINISHLINE. Southern States Machinery is your FINISHLINE finishing and deburring machine dealer!

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