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omax waterjet cutting machineInnovative Waterjet Cutting Technology

We have a large selection of OMAX machines for sale, including used OMAX machinery. OMAX takes abrasive waterjet cutting to new levels of speed and performance. By combining precision system components, advanced pump technology and innovative software, they have created the most versatile waterjet technology available to manufacturers today.

Waterjets from OMAX help manufacturers maximize production with a few unique features.

  • EnduroMAX pump technology provides 30% more power than intensifier pumps, which means you can produce parts faster and at lower cost
  • Advanced cutting heads can deliver multi-axis cutting for precision bevels and complex curved angles
  • IntelliMAX software allows quick programming and helps achieve the utmost in performance from the machine
  • Most importantly, OMAX machines cut parts fast, with some customers reporting cut times 200% faster than their older machines

In addition, OMAX waterjets offer better speed and greater efficiency than the competition, including:

  • 36% lower output psi
  • 20% faster cutting per part
  • 47% less abrasive used per part
  • 30% higher pump efficiency

OMAX waterjets are manufactured in two distinct lines, and are available in a range of sizes and with an array of features.

  • OMAX Machines feature state-of-the-art sheet and tube cutting technology with +/-.001″ tolerances, as well as options such as the A-Jet articulating head for true bevel and 3D cutting. 
  • Maxiem Machines feature legendary OMAX technology at a more affordable price, with tolerances up to +/-.003″.

If you’re interested in learning more about OMAX waterjets, contact us today to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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