Amada FO MII 3015 NT, New 2011

This pre-owned Amada CO2 Laser is a high quality machine available at a competitive price. So if your business cuts sheet metal, this used Amada laser could be a welcome addition to your business. Read on for specs and photos, and contact us today to request a quote.


  • Model: FO MII 3025 NT
  • New in 2011
  • Operating Hours:  18,000
  • Travel Method: X & Y – Axis Beam Move
  • Drive Method: X Rack & Pinion – Y & Z Ball Screw
  • Work Area: X = 121″ Y = 61″ Z = 7.87″ 
  • Rapid Traverse: X, Y = 3,150″/min
  • Z-Axis Sensor: HS-2007
  • OS: Windows
  • Amada air dryer kit (QSQ180C-CA2)
  • Orion Chiller (RKE 15000A-VA-UU)
  • Donaldson Dust Collector


  • 4kW Laser
  • Automatic Pallet Exchanger
  • Automatic Nozzle Changer


For more information about this used Amada Laser contact us today. Our experienced sales team is happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quote.